Latest update : 06/05/2009

                  Welcome @ my little website.


Guides - How the f**k is that done.
Reviews - Some reviews i wrote.
Software - A few well used programs.
Drivers - Some hardware drivers.
My rig and stuff - My computer and records.
For sale - Some old stuff i sell.
Vmods - 'l33+ stuff, only for the 'l33+.
My car - Pictures and mods of my Honda Delsol.
Funny pics and girls - Some stuff for the big boys.
Links - Other site's that can be usefull.


 01/01/05: w00t. Just rented webspace and got my domain.
 19/01/05: First website version online.
 24/01/05: In Mozilla FF 2.x u get some layout/colour problems.
 02/02/05: Plans for another (better) site but can take a while.
 27/12/08: New webhost , gonna update some stuff from time to time :).
 06/05/09: Some stuff updated , check out the girls ( no nude ).

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